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In St. Gallen 1/2


St. Gallen, Switzerland, is a beautiful medieval town, a UNESCO Heritage site. Easily accessed by an hour’s train ride from Zürich. Even during a slightly rainy November day, the colors were there and all details in the old buildings and old Churches were there. We actually missed the Christmas Fair, one of the reason to go, while lingering so long in the Cathedral. And in the Inn for Swiss lunch (*). The town was quiet during the midweek day. The rain most likely kept people indoors also. I like it like that, it’s like nobody knows of these treasures expect we!

 (*) The lunch took a long time, I had ordered rösti, the local potato delicatessen ja bratwurst, while my husband was happy with his huge schnitzel. While waiting for the food, we carried a conversation with local wine merchant as we were seated into the same round table with him. My long time favorite white wine, Petit Arvine, got thumbs up from him also. I complained to the innkeeper about my cold which seemed to stay with me as souvenir from Berlin. She had a  solution! She ran upstairs of the locale, came down with a bottle of herb remedy, and dropped 5 drops into a sugar cube. Just like my Grandmother used to do with the kamfer drops when we were little. The sinuses popped open and the eyes dried up in a second! We stopped in the local drugstore and brought a bottle of it home, for possible future use. Remember the name WIEWOHL!

4 thoughts on “In St. Gallen 1/2

  1. Mielenkiintoinen pikku kaupunki ! Hyvin olet saanut esiin ne kauniit rakennukset ja tunnelman kaduilla ! 🙂

  2. Täältähän ne löytyivätkin ☺

  3. Tykkäsin kovasti siitä kylästä. Vahinko, että joulumarkkinat jäi väliin, kun oli kiire takaisin Zurichiin tapamaan,yhtä tuttavaa. Yhtä matalalentoa taas 🙂

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