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Saturday in CityPlace



CityPlace is a small shopping center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Not too far from us.


It seems to have most of my favorite shops in there. A compact area with shops, palm trees and water fountains. Restaurants and movie theaters. I am still trying to get to know it, make it familiar, but so far paper*source is there. My card stock supplier. Anthropologie, clothing and home deco, Restoration Hardware, beautiful  contemporary furniture. And pricey. Some other young people shops (read small sizes) and Starbucks, an ice cream parlor. Lots of benches to sit on and watch the Floridians pass by. People watching is so great!


Macy*s department stores are closing their corner building there. Big ads for up to 50% sales! Brick and mortar department stores are not doing so well, the shoppers are now either in the boutiques or on the net. I did make a reasonable find last week, a dress to wear to a upcoming event; Finland’s 100th anniversary gala. Yes, we did get an invitation, the party is on the 18th of February in Delray Beach, at Marriott Hotel, next town. Luckily dress code is festive but relaxed. I found a black Ralph Lauren dress with shoulder bling- bling. Our son sent his Father’s black suit from New York, which came, well, reasonably well packed in mail. We are looking forward to the party! However now my friend and I did not find anything and the most sales were only 30% off. No huge savings there.



Restaurants choices were endless on the streets as well as in the complex. The entire second floor is filled up with eateries. Our Suomi-visitors preferred the Mexican meal before going home. Cabo flats offered great outside tables, great service and delicious food! There is always a good time for a mojito, beer, margaritas, etc. and quesadilla, tacos or burritos and so on. The place inside is huge, and busy.



Saturday was our friends’ last day before packing up to a homebound trip that same evening. We did have plenty of time to view the Corvette show on the streets. One car more elaborate than the other! Color galore! Styles from 1950′ to 2007, at least what I saw. Owners were dusting the small crevices with make-up brushes, clearly proud of their vehicles and anxious to get points in the competition. Cars that were bought with $3000 way back when and now for sale at $ 93,000. Why did we not invest then? Because $3000 was a lot of money, we bought a Corolla for less than two thousand.



DSC_8929 blog.jpg

Not a shabby place at all! On the way to the airport we stopped at Seminole Casino, and  because we did not play one single game, we are not getting that Corvette now either. Too bad! Band was playing in the square.


8 thoughts on “Saturday in CityPlace

  1. Voi miten haluaisin maistaa tuota vihreää drinkkiä!

  2. Upea lämpö ja ihanaa fiilistä! Tuo ylin kuva palmun varjosta on todella hieno!

  3. lepis, kiva että pistäydyit hetkeksi palmun alle, tai oikeastaan ylle!

  4. Mielenkiintoista nähdä nykyisiä asuinsijojasi ! Näyttäviä kuvia ! Mukavaa että saitte kutsun sinne Suomi-juhlaan . Kerrothan siitä jälkikäteen ! 🙂

  5. Kaunis kauppakeskus ja hyvää ruokaa meksikolaisessa. Drinkki oli oikein maistuva kuten ruokakin,

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