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Museum at Edge of Cedars Park was a treasure chest! Several room filled up mostly pottery by Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi)  tribe.  Whiteware. “Pueblo II was a period of widespread experimentation with form and design, perhaps stimulated by population growth and movement during A.D. 950-1100. Vessel form included bowls, ollas, mugs, pitchers, canteens and unusual lobed forms. Design styles were simple and boldly executed and included solid triangles, hachured bands, heavy bold lines and checkerboard patters. The design field became formalized; bowl interiors were painted in bands, as two lateral sides, four quartered sections, or all-over patterns. Ollas, pitchers and mugs usually have their exteriors painted in banded layouts. Overall there is an increased proportion of black paint to white paint.” As per note in the museum.

DSC_7222 blog

DSC_7226 blog


We took our time going thru each room as it was raining cats and dogs outside! I just love- love- love the American Indian pottery! Nothing was for sale her, too bad.

DSC_7230 blog

DSC_7229 blog

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