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roadside stops

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Stop, stop! There is a beautiful truck, stop! Like always distances can not be measured by hours, they turn into a full day ride for us. We past several road side arches, old rusty cars, and it rained and rained. Looks like we were not in America at all, so barren and so desolate and well, so poor. But there were interesting roadside stops like the Newspaper Rock. There were few people on the road outside this Canyonlands National Park so travelling was a joy.

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Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument is a Utah state monument featuring a rock panel carved with one of the largest known collections of petroglyphs. It is located in San Juan County, Utah, along Utah State Route 211, 28 miles northwest of Monticello and 53 miles south of Moab. en.wikipedia.org

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DSC_7185 No idea what the news were! This is a language I do not understand. Something must have been important however, but what. Beautiful wild flower were in bloom close by.

Next stop would be Blanding and their Indian artifact museum. But we had to eat first. Picking up drinks and snack for the road at the supermarket, a lady advised that the best food can be had at the gas station across the street. Tacos? No. But I wanted a restaurant with table cloth. A full meal as we were not sure where the next eatery would be. So back a few miles, and into Homestead Steak House. No Table cloths but a decent looking place. At least it was in 1980’s. My order, a safe one, hamburger. How can they ruin a hamburger in a steak house! P.S. I just read the yelp views, one star was too much for this place by many. Should have known before! Well, we ate and with full stomach continued back on the road to the museum, The Edge of the Cedars State Park

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