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Greetings from Denver


Our sixth trip to south west. What have we seen so far? Barely a sliver! This last week’s vacation started in Denver, Colorado for three nights. From there to Snowmass for two nights, to Alamosa for one and finishing again in my favorite town, Santa Fe, for three nights. As usual my Husband had made a tight travel plan. Each day had about five choices of action, with the leeway to miss one or two. But had all possible places to visit which were interest to us. And room for a surprise option or two on the way. No rest for the weary!

As a city, Denver has a young vibe! The city is under constant construction. It is easily walkable due to wide 16th Street Mall, which is filled with all stores and shops but it is for pedestrians only. A free Mall bus runs up and down, and makes moving easy. But it is not a mall of a sense as we call a mall. It is not covered but offers individual shops instead, in all possible brand names. The classic malls are outside the city by the highways. There was action in the street, music of course, piano playing, begging. Begging in grand numbers, young drops out, old hippies! People were sleeping on the streets, under the trees and all vacant benches! New York is a town for novices.


Hotel we had picked from hotels.com turned out to be further away from city center but still walkable, Warwick Denver hotel. It was located in Capitol Hill and hotel got a great write-up. The walk from the Union Station was quite a hike, but the 16th Street Mall was without traffic and there were plenty of shops to see on the way. The last few blocks were uphill and the luggage started to feel heavy. We did not see the entrance at first and wound up going around the block in vain. Upon the check- in we were offered upgrade to a king suite, freshly remodeled. Wow, thanks! I checked the rack rate just now and the site quoted $558 a night. Sure, just what we would always pay. Not! But what a great surprise. Two free drinks were included the first night at the bar, but we were too tired to take advantage of it and used the tickets next night instead.

warwick denver hotel

In Denver our first priority was to meet three ladies, Tiia, Sarianna and Pirkko from my facebook group, ladies I never met before. Tiia had selected Linger Restaurant in Lower Higland area. It was easily reached by walk from Union Station crossing a river. This old mortuary was a great choice as far atmosphere goes. Food was delicious however spicier than we were used to. More tapas type of choices, I ordered sliders. The Hubby got Korean BBQ ja the other girls their ate their favorites which all were beautifully plated. Sarianna was with her little daughter, a sweet little one and she got a delicious looking oriental lacquer tray full of fresh fruits and berries. After the meal and lots of talking were ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and stepped up to the rooftop terrace to continue talking. That was  interesting; the old mortuary sign was hovering over the couches and chairs. There was a Volkswagen van sitting on the terrace corner with quick snack and drinks choices! Looking down, the best ice cream shop was down the street. Easily full four hours were pleasantly spend with this company!

DSC_0465 blog.jpg


4 thoughts on “Greetings from Denver

  1. Heiii, kiitos kiitos terveisistä vanhasta kotikaupungista 😉 Skyline on muuttunut ja syke syventynyt niistä ajoista. Mukavaa kun pidit kaupungista!

  2. …my friends, we thought they never end…

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