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The Keys



The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

She always loved keys. She made a beautiful shadow box with old keys she has from family and who- knows- from where.  It would make a good theme for her wedding! Keys open many of doors, keys open hearts! We agreed. The favor keys were ordered. ( These keys are bottle openers.)

During the process the idea of them as a favor, changed. The Groom’s mother saw gorgeous Godiva boxes. Chocolate, The colors like made for this wedding! The Bride favorite sweet. After Salmiakki Aakkoset, of course. Those not in the know,  that is Finnish licorice candy.


So the keys were repurposed as place cards. It went like this: First the keys were separated from the boxes. The name tags were printed with computer. The itty bitty purple ribbons that came with the keys were used as a name tag hanger. The chrome color rings were spray painted bronze to match.

A board was made of a picture frame, also painted to match, covered with white linen, keys hanged up hotel-room-style, as the Bride loves to travel.

The board was represented upon tent entrance. Great for outside weddings, the wind has no say on this one! And we loved the results!

place cards

4 thoughts on “The Keys

  1. Mainio idea! Ja kaunis lopputulos kauniista ajatuksesta.

  2. lepis, kiitos. Olimme tyytyväisiä. Lupasin blogata tietoja häistä ja nyt löysin tämän jostakin blogikomeron nurkasta, oli jäänyt laittamatta, mutta ajattelin, että joku muukin voi innostua ideasta. Nuori pari viettää 6 vee hääpäivää ensi viikolla 🙂

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