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Friday night my husband’s phone rang late, in the evening. The area code was not familiar. He was ready to break the connection when I said just listen who might be calling!
My husband Bob is the only child as was his Father. On his mother’s side there was an uncle, but he had no children. So my husband doesn’t even have cousins! But we knew the relatives on the mother‘s side in a tight, small circle, his Grandparents, and of course grandfather’s siblings. On the grandmother’s side, we knew her cousins as well. One of them was Aunt Bertha, who had a Broadway Box office. She sold show tickets and organized theater parties. Bob enjoyed the show in his teen age years and in the 70’s and 80’s, we had the tickets for the shows quite often when visiting from Finland. What a great opportunity we had to see, for example, the famous HAIR-musical, in the front row! And many more! She was a beautiful woman and lived until the age of 105.
So the phone rang in the evening. In amazement, my husband was surprised when he heard the caller was Bertha’s son, Joseph. We have received Christmas letters over the years. So we knew something about his life. He lived for many years in Brazil and England in the operations of a major bank. He had, according to my husband’s memory, something to do in the early stages of Yahoo. We heard of his wife’s illness, their children’s growing up and moving to Colorado, and of grandchildren. Years after his wife died, he re-married last year. I have met Joe once.
When my husband was small, he was given Joe’s Lionel-electric train set. It was agreed that later trains would be returned to his children when Bob was no longer playing with them. And so it was done, and the set had grown over times. When our son was at age that the trains were suitable for him, the big trunk was brought to us. The year was in the mid 80’s. The trains were assembled and played at many of times! Joe’s children were already too big to play and the set stayed with us. Later years we displayed them in the curio for Christmas time. I always had a bad conscience because of it. Now, after moving to Florida last year, I said to my husband, we need to connect somehow with Joseph and share the trains. I believe, they have some value and at least the great sentimental value to him also.
And as a direct telepathy goes, the call came unexpectedly. But for a quite another reason!  Joe and his wife were organizing old photographs. A photograph from 1960’s surfaced. In the photo are Joseph, his Mom Aunt Bertha, and his Uncle Lou. And my husband’s Grandfather. I believe it was taken at Bob’s Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary party in the 1960’s. The Lady exclaimed; “I know that man!”
And Joe called Bob that evening. The call was long and Bob was surprised and pleasantly delighted! It was nice to hear from Joseph.
To be continued….

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