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what is behind these beautiful gates?


poertti cinema

I needed a photo of a gate for my own Photo Challenge group in facebook. Where to go? The weather was miserable, a ton of snow had fallen in New York beginning of January. Now last week the weather turned warmer, the snow started to melt. It melted in record time, within a week 90% was gone into the thin air. It was disappearing like a smoke into the air. It created a light curtains behind the scenes and the air was dripping. Not raining just hanging in the air. Lucky for me. Hubby as my driver, we selected Westbury as destination on Long Island. Not far from us, beautiful winding roads. A neighborhood with old houses and old money. And beautiful gates!

valkoinen portti

Some of the gates were invitingly open, some tightly closed. But all were beautiful!

avoin porttiWestbury Gardens

This gate stands in entrance of Old Westbury Gardens. A marvelous historic site with great gardens and Manor House. “Old Westbury Gardens is the former estate of John Shaffer Phipps, heir to a U.S. Steel fortune, in Nassau County, New York. It was converted into a museum home in 1959 and is open for tours April through October for a fee. The manor contains 23 rooms. The grounds cover 160 acres.”



4 thoughts on “what is behind these beautiful gates?

  1. Hienoja portteja ! Hyvä kuvauskohde nuo vanhat portit . Mahtava on todellakin tuo kullalla koristeltu korkea komeus !!

  2. WONDERFUL post! Love your gate photographs!

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