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Beauty Day…

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… or maybe not.

I have been trying to grow my hair for about half a year. Trying to get away from the short bob and trying to look more age appropriate. You know, my age. Classic mid length.

How ever the hair has other plans GROWING STRAIGHT DOWN TOWARDS MY NOSE. It does not keep any shape without the barrettes. So back to Jenny I went. She is my very best hair dresser for last ten years. I love her razor cut, the slightly shabby look. Last couple of times she has used monster scissors from Japan. Three to five layers of sharp blades with teeth, and hair is cut diagonal to the left, to the right and then cut to the desired length. You get the picture, I hope. Lots of hair flies down to the floor. The hair swings and I get a nice carefree look.

Image result for japanese hair scissors multiple blades

Next door is a Korean Nail and Spa. I order an appointment after the hair cut. I have had my nails done there, not too happy. I did not feel pampered. Isn’t that the whole reason to have someone else to do it for you?

Now I needed to color the eye browns and the lashes. I explain the problems with my colorless eyes. Finnish blond. Last time I got no color into neither corner, just the ones in the middle. “Be very careful to get them all”, I advice. She knows. “You no brows”, she exclaims. “Yes, I do have eye brows!” I protest. She starts coloring. “Ooh, many hairs”, she finds out. They are all over my forehead. “You wax”, she says, question or not I don’t know. “Yes, please use wax”. I sigh. The eye lashes get done next. It is relaxing to lay on the warm lounge chair.  “Ooh, SO short” she says like to herself. She busies with them a long time.

Done. She offers a look on the mirror. What! Black. Black all over! “No worry, two days better” she assures me. I look at my lashes, no color on the lower lashes at all. What the…”There is no color on my eye lashes”. ” You no hair”, she says bluntly. NO HAIR, really? They have been colored before. But I am too tired to argue, I pay my $55 plus tip and remember not to have any beauty treatments in that spa again.

But the thick hair looks good!


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