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Me, Myself and I 1/2

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SO! I did sent my valuable spit to www.anchestry.com this spring. The process was quite fast and the cost $69. This is the result:

-Finland / Northwest Russia 82 %

Finland YES! Northwest Russia clearly refers to Karelia, the orange area on the map, the Eastern area adjacent to Finland. The land was lost during the World War II but it once was part of Finland where my Father was born. The land which older generation, if still alive, remembers with deep loving sentiment. The land where the cuckoo-  birds sang more beautiful and where the fields were greener and lakes full of fish, on the beautiful Lake Ladoga. Lake Ladoga is a freshwater lake located in the Republic of Karelia and in northwestern Russia, in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg. So was not really Russia, then. I questioned the ancestry.com about it and they admitted there is not enough data from this part of the World yet in their data base. Understandably.

Image result for map of karelia

My cousin had her data from https://www.23andme.com/en-eu/ and they seem to have more European data in their vaults. Maybe I venture there next to get comparison.

-Europe East 15%

ancestry.com explains it like this: “People in this DNA ethnicity group may identify as:
Polish, Slovak, Czech, Austrian, Russian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Serb, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldovan, Lithuanian, Latvian, Bosnian (from Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatian.” It does not ring a bell to me.

The map was quite vague on ancestry’s site, showing further west in Europe than I assumed. My maternal Grandfather‘s line is said to be from Gruusia, nowadays Georgia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. He and his 6 brothers most of them were dark chiseled handsome men. But when the family came to Finland, is unknown to me. 15% would refer most likely to one of my great grandparents from further east.

Image result for gruusia

-Scandinavia 1%

Kind of given but might be a guess.

-Who- knows- what 2%

Their list show <1% Native American and <1% Asia South. If so it has to be long, long ago. Long ago! But I do love American Indian pottery, hmm. Maybe yet.

See the source image

The ancestry.com also lists people who might be related to me based in their data base. They found one possible 3rd (or 4th) cousin. The last name is not familiar to me. I looked up in face book, there were four ladies with that same name. Also 141 4th-6th cousins were found in the report.

And it all started with Adam and Eve. Imagine that!


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