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good shopping…

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At KOHL’s. Hubby and I went shopping for a vacuum cleaner on Sunday. A large department store was advertising a sale, 20% off. But the store was so messy after the school shopping week end that few things were on their proper places or sold out. The advertised vacuum cleaner was still nowhere to be found. Sales lady, once we found her, recommended that we order on line in the store. Nope, I want it now. Now!

So we lingered in the store for a while. They did have great sales on clothing, due to schools starting this week. Hubby has put on some extra pounds and reluctantly uttered his need for some looser clothing. Fine with me, I did not need anything. I had shopped a day before with my friend Carola at popular ladies’ store, chico’s, where I had to force myself to get more than I needed. There always are good sales to be found. Plus I had a coupon, get $25 off if you spend $100. How could I not pass the chance to save! I really was looking for a pair of pants, came home with two and a t-shirt. Their original prices $79, $89 and $49.99 plus tax. I paid $89.45 tax included.

So to the check out with our finds! There was a lady ahead of us, loading under garments on the table. “Will you be using any coupons today?” asked the elderly sales associate. “No, I don’t have time for that,” she answered him and looking at me as to see if I agreed. True, me neither. Usually. But I was looking for a vacuum cleaner, a pricy acquisition, I had my coupons! “Wait,” I said, I happen to have a coupon for underwear, would you like to use it?”  Yes, she was game for it, the sales person rang the clients clothing, packed it and gave her a $10 store coupon to be used next week as bonus buy. “I don’t have time to shop next week” the lady said. “Could you use my coupon?” she offered me. Sure! Thank you!

We had loaded two set of shorts, three t-shirts and one shirt with collar from our shopping cart. Good brand names even, on sale. Their original price s$20, $24, $44, $36 and $52.  We paid $72.63 with tax. While ready to leave, he said in quiet voice ” I gave you 30% off. Have a nice week end.” The associate gave us also a $10 coupon, which was valid for all sales over $50. So now I have $20 to spend next week, Great! But IF we had spent another 28 dollars, we could have…well, you know, another $10 coupon.

Yesterday we found out that  in BED BATH & BEYOND store, there the same vacuum cleaner was also on sale. Here is a store that discount everything 20%. Always. But do not forget the coupons. This is a store where something always gets into a cart even if you don’t need it. So $159 vacuum, two yankee candles $10 a piece added in the end $143.35 with tax. 

So in end of the day, I rearranged Hubby’s closed, did not vacuum. Yet. And I had $20 free goods burning in my handbag.

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