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Paris and Montpelier, ID

How to save money while traveling? Be on the road on Sundays. Everything was closed! So we were able to visit quite a few places, got some quite good ideas of them without spending hours and dollars. And kind of enjoyed being alone without herds of people. With cows maybe on the roadside and on the end of the trip with buffalos. But here entering the land of Paris, yes, Paris Idaho, barely nobody was around. Actually we did see one man grilling something on the the backyard of a restaurant. That was closed, too.

DSC_3215 blog

Did you get your post card? Probably not, the post office was closed and as well as the Tabernacle. I will write my cards when I get home.

DSC_3224 blog

Montpelier followed the theme. Me, my husband and ONE tourist. The entire county was ours!  The Bank Robbery Museum, closed. The National Oregon/California Trail Center...Open till 3pm! Wow. But it was closed,  right in front of us. Before three o’clock. How do we know? The Pioneer Lady come out at three. She was gracious enough to have her photo taken and she did tell us some history of the place, so we were lucky, I guess. The museum sits directly on the site of the historic Glover Creek encampment on the Oregon Trail! Lots of history in this place.


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