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dinner @ star fish company


You find this restaurant in a beautiful setting by calm waters in Cortez by Bradenton, Florida. Boats and the smell of sea food, sturdy piknik tables with benches! Many people occupied the tables and were eating there already, but it was not crowded yet before seven pm. It fills up as night goes on. The hanging light bulb strings will create the right night time mood. The restaurant sits right by the water, some tables on the dock. Gorgeous setting! You would not know about this place unless somebody told you. Riti and her sister Päppä knew! The Mustang knew the way there.

The individual portions come in pure white boxes, all four piled up, surprisingly veiling the inside with bright colors and heavenly smell of the food. Freshly caught locally, from the ocean to your plate! First box: Blackened grouper, cole slaw and hushpuppies, second the same but smaller order, third portion added French fries to it. Mine was delicious beyond the believe with coconut shrimps, sides of fries and cole slaw! Flush it down with Coke or Corona!

The prices were reasonable, but service not so. The restaurant accepts only cash. We did not know it, and the lady at front was kind of tart telling Hubby to go get it around the corner! Corner, where? Once he said we are from NY she softened a bit, and gave more detailed advice where to get cash. The waiter had no change in his motionless face during the entire serving process. No smile, no comment, no nothing. We give A for the food, A for the representation, A+ for the location and A+++ for our dining company! We will visit again if we are in the neighborhood again. Might even do a detour for it!

5 thoughts on “dinner @ star fish company

  1. Beautiful setting! Looks delicious!

  2. Pleasure! xxx

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