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organic garden, part three

GARDEN OF EVE ORGANIC FARM. Riverhead, NY. Even though we are on this road one to two times a year there are always new places we have not visited before. This was one. Neat outside, small farm atmosphere. Daughter- in- Law almost picked up a lush lavender. We checked all offerings outside. The trip was starting and we really did not plan to load the car yet.

So quick visit also to inside got us trapped: A sales girl with greatest of smiles, easy to pop up with a giggle! So home came apricot jelly and two most favorable salad dressing, Cucumber Dill and Red Wine Vinaigrette. Wine prices were high throughout the North Fork, as well as here. The clientele has changed and new vineyards are popping up along the road side. We actually did not buy one single bottle on this trip compared to previous years when almost a case was purchased from different vineyards. We are already so used to low tax free prices in Florida.

This young lady was a delight! Will go back for there again some day.


new vineyard, part two

First vineyard stop was our forever favorite Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead. But low and behold, it’s now under new RG/NY Management.

Introduction from net: “We are a family of winemakers with a deep regard for our heritage. Our Mexican roots bring a unique perspective to our business. We value our family’s tradition of wine-making and aim to foster the RIVERO GONZÁLEZ legacy as we enter this new chapter.”

Stepping in, the front room, which for years was a sparkling and glittering gift shop before entering the tasting room, was now beautiful airy California- style sitting area. An elegant Napa Valley -style with minimal decoration but rich earthy colors and nature elements. The change is only one years old. Looking forward to many more visits with time, of course.

I liked it and the fact is that people don’t go for all that knickknack gift shop items anymore. Where do you put all that stuff? Wonder what happened to the llamas, forgot to ask.

We got the story of the change from Christine, the friendly hostess in the wine shop. Usually we would have added to take home wine selection here, their Riesling used to be the best. (And I was looking for the wine nuts, great companion while sipping, and very hard to find.) Usually we would have lingered for wine tasting also on the patio. Usually I would have fallen for a glittering gift. Now the wine prices were noticeable higher than previously about by $5 to $15 a bottle. And we were aiming for a different experience on this very day. New winemaker, new business, new everything! In spite of nostalgia, we liked the freshness of the place. We told Christine of our previous visits, told her where we are heading. And she had never heard of the Lavender Fields before! Now she knows 🙂

We will come back again to taste, enjoy their backyard with wine and music. The day was young and we had some miles to go. Turned out that we did not taste wine anywhere! Surprisingly different from our previous day trips.

The prices are getting higher on the Island in general. It is getting more upscale, more visitors even during the weekdays. Every house on Sound Avenue is worth a picture! Every roadside shop is worth stopping for!

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day trip on long island


Four of us, Hubby, Son and Daughter-in-Law and me, were looking forward to a day trip to the vineyards, the vegetable farms, to the ocean and the lavender fields. And a mouthwatering lunch, with some minimal shopping of course!

Monday was a great day to take off, to avoid the week end crowds. Our destination was Lavender-by-the Bay farm and what ever came on the way there or back. A familiar backyard for us Long Islanders on a beautiful sunny day! Totally we travelled about 200 miles on that afternoon. The Long Island in New York offers it all and then some. With great ocean views to top it all!

  1. Calverton National Cemetery in Wading River.
  2. RG/NY Vineyard in Riverhead.
  3. Garden of Eden Organic Farm in Riverhead.
  4. Lavender-by-the Bay in East Marion.
  5. Claudio’s Restaurant in Greenport.

Hop along!

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day trip, part one

First stop for us was important visit to Granpa and Grandma’s eternal resting place in Calverton National Cemetery. Calverton National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery in the Town of Riverhead in Suffolk County on eastern Long Island in New York. The property is in the adjacent hamlet of Wading River. It encompasses 1,045 acres and as of the end of 2016 had 240,000 interments. We were surprised that someone unknown to us had left flowers on their grave. And kind of disappointed as fake flowers are against their rule. But in spite of that, surprised.

The entire park is beautiful, serene quiet destination to pay respects and to honor family members and all the lost solders in past wars from this area of USA. We try to do this trip a couple of times a year. This will be the final place also for my husband, an Air Force veteran, and me some day.

Beautiful place. But so sad.


kollaasi 28-2019

  • Kesäistä kukkaloistoa Long Islandilta. Kokosin päivänlilja- kollaasin eilen, katsomatta vielä viikon kuvaa, ja hyvinhän se sopii mielestäni väreihin. Olimme kaksi viikkoa orjatyövoimana toisessa kodissamme, kotikodissa, kuten serkkuni kekseliäästi nimittelee pääkotia.
  • Puutarha ja piha olivat villiintyneet huhtikuun jälkeen. Kevät oli ollut sateinen ja Poika ja Miniä eivät työnsä ja koulunsa jälkeen olleet ehtineet muuta kuin ajaa nurmikot ja leikata pensasaidat. Muuta tarpeellista kuten kuorikkeen levittelyä oli myös tehty. Hyvä! Lisäsimme nyt sitäkin toiset parikymmentä pussia. Leikkelimme ruusuja, jopa poistin muutaman vanhan huonokuntoisen, ja siistimme pihan äärialueet, mitkä naapurien pensaiden ja rikkakasvien jälkeen peittyivät viidakoksi. Yhdellä tontin reunalla on kiinteä aita, kahdella pelkkä verkkoaita ja sen välistä pääsee läpi yllättäviäkin kasveja. Kuten myrkkymuratti! Olin ensin niin ilahtunut, että klematikseni oli nousut telineeseen ilman erikoisapua. Olisi pitänyt arvata, että niin onnekas en ole puutarhanhoidossa.
  • Kävimme päiväretkellä Long Islandin North Fork alueella. Laventeli Farmilla. Postaan siitä seuraavaksi. Aina ihana päiväretki “omalla takapihalla.”
  • Kävimme Planting Fields Arboretumissa, joka vuotinen kohteemme ja useammin kuin kerran. Vain 10 mailin matkan päässä. Päivän liljat olivat siellä parhaimmillaan. Kesä on niin ihanaa aikaa!
  • Muiden tämän värin kollaasit ovat täällä.