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Yellowstone yksi

yellowstone 20182Oops, I did it again! The restaurant recommended to us in town was inviting. Mexican Cafe Sabor. Whimsical rusty conquistador soldier statues welcomed visitors by the steps. The large terrace had tables, but it was slightly windy, so we opted for a table inside. It was early, not crowded but filled up slowly. The waitress Kristen was cheerful and accommodating about my chicken quesadilla request,  barbecued not boiled. The nachos were crisp, the salsa perfect. And $3 mojitos, who can resist! The Hubby ordered the burrito, it was huge! He actually did have hard time finishing it, but he was brave. So proud of him, LOL. I believe we squeezed a slice of apple pie as dessert between two of us.

Yellowstone canon2.jpg

The only critique I had was sticky and dirty salt and pepper shakers and the dirty ice cream ad in a plastic stand, on the otherwise clean table. The waitress was most gracious about my complain and understood that those will be poor calling cards for hopefully clean kitchen. She promised to take care of. I hope she did. I wrote to tripadvisor also and they published it. So far so good. Food was delicious! I could have had another mojito also, if I had had more room in my stomach.

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customer feed back

I like to give feed back to establishment. But some times I do not send them. I kind of forget to do it. How about you, do you give feed back, in yelp or company’s web page? Do you add some into your Tripadvisor? Or anywhere else? I curious.

“My husband and I decided on an extempore trip to Mystic this morning. After the Seaport visit we stopped at your restaurant for lunch, lured in by the lush gardens.

DSC_2290 blog

No waiting, great! The tables were freely available for late lunch. The window seats were inviting with water views and passing boats. My husband selected the new special, stuffed flounder, I believe. I had the juicy, sweet Mesclun Salad recommended by our waitress, Annie. The blue potato sticks on the top gave a surprising color and texture contrast. Scampi with Risotto, unbelievably tasty, scrimps were huge and succulent, the flavor of the entire meal was rich but not over seasoned. Colors were very pleasing, I also eat with my eyes.

I loved the glasses you have and asked, if some can be bought. Yes, says our waitress, and brings a gift bag, with nicely wrapped glasses. What a great souvenir from the trip!

P.S Before we left I double checked with Annie, that she had packed THE glasses I wanted. At home while unwrapping them, I was so disappointed, I got the OTHER ones. I should have opened it there, but I did not. This is not to say they are not nice at all, they are, but the style of the ones on the left was the one I selected.
A little bit more carefulness from everyone would have been OK. I am not requesting anything more, I’ll have fun with these also, I’m sure.

All and all just wanted to tell you how great your place is and how lovely the service but most of all how great the meal was!”

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