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Pieni Lintu - MakroTex challenge

Here is an old photo of a dragon fly which had keeled over by natural causes. The wings are like mosaic! Brittle.

dragon fly 016 blog

Now yesterday two little ones were sitting on my croton. I knew if I get up and get the camera, they will disappear in the mean while. So I stared at them and they dared me. Go get the camera! GO! I did, had a wrong lens on it, I wish I had a real macro lens, but may have to wait till Santa comes. Well, dragonflies waited, with their blue tail like a pointing finger. I was waiting them to tilt over or at least stand on their front legs!

DSC_9426 blog

We do have our own butterflies, three of them. One huge yellow sulfur, one monarch and one zebra. They seems to like fly back and forth in our little backyard. I will try catch them with my camera some day. And will show you!



uudet värikollaasit #64




Delicious colors. There are so many! Luckily for me I just was working on a photo challenge that asked to shoot pictures through a screen. I chose a sea shell through a bubbled glass vase. The shell picks up the colors of chocolate, taffy, nuts. Delicious, no doubt! Or maybe I could fool you to believe, these are cinnamon buns! Yummy!


Liitän tämän samalla makroviikkojen helmikuun ruskeaan.