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On the way to Yellowstone

DSC_3436 After finishing delicious peaches in the hotel room, we took off towards the Yellowstone National Park. We needed to follow the same road as day before, Grant Teton was worthwhile seeing again! There are two loops in the park and each needed a full day exploring. Beautiful day, temperatures started in the morning around 25 Fahrenheit and warming up to 65 by noon. Crisp and clear and then balmy warm.

We stopped to visit the famous Jackson Lake Lodge, historic landmark built in 1950, on Jenny Lake, famous for its lake and mountain views from the lobby. It is one of the very few lodging inside the park, and pricey as such. We had opted for Best Western just outside the West gate. Here big leather chairs were pretty filled up by other travelers, ignoring the view, playing with their cell phones. Feet on the table! We bought humongous cinnamon rolls and cup of delicious smelling Lavender Vanilla coffee for second breakfast to be enjoyed on the lakeside.

yellowstone 20188I past the gift shop, bravely, only looking at the shop windows. What a will power! It hurt…

yellowstone 20187

DSC_3445 blog

The numerous lakes and rivers were deep blue, sky deep blue. Passing each I let out a deep sigh. Had to take a picture! “What is it with you Finns”, Hubby asked. I don’t know but the love for water is deep in our souls.